Zul'jin, in the Age of Men'heva, was the last surviving Amani troll. He was interested in details on Project Loa, a Super Soldier Program created by Men'heva.

Before the genocide of his people, he was lured away from Zul'aman by strange whispers. He was lead to the lair of Hakkar the Soulbinder. While Hakkar had once been known as the Soulflayer, the acts of Jin'thek eventually lead to his purification in this alternate timeline. Men'heva captured the other Loa of the world. He used his powers to create Zutopong’loa, which overloaded the regeneration of the Amani trolls. They became bloated and cancerous, perishing soon after. Zul'Aman became known as the Fleshwastes.

Zul'jin, however, survived. Hakkar sensed Men'heva's manipulations and severed the troll's connection with the Loa, replacing it with a connection to the Soulbinder himself. From that point on, the two worked together against Men'heva. The twin sword Jin'rohk and Zin'rohk revealed themselves to Zul'jin, who wielded them with pride.

Zul'jin eventually learned of something Men'heva was orchestrating called Project Loa. LOA was based on the island once known of Zulduzar. Zul'jin infiltrated the island and discovered a massive Super-Soldier Program being run by a troll named Zalazane. The mortal armies of Men'heva were being transformed into Super-Soldiers through mysterious means. Zul'jin was shocked to discover the captured Loa on the island.

The Loa, as it turned out, were the source of the Super-Soldier empowerment; their essence was drained into the soldiers to enhance them. Zul'jin slaughtered a host of Super-Soldiers before facing down Zalazane. In the conflict between them, Jin'rohk was destroyed. It was then that Zul'jin revealed his connection with Hakkar. Using his new power, he destroyed the Ultimate Soldier, Sen-X, formerly known as Sen'jin.

Zul'jin tracked down and slew Zalazane. However, Hakkar's power was quickly becoming too great for his body to handle. As such, it was killing him. Zalazane resurrected himself, absorbing the rest of the Loa entirely, becoming Uber-Zalazane, a massive super-massive chimerical beast that threatened all of Azeroth. Zul'jin merged completely with Hakkar to become Omni'jin, and slew Uber-Zalazane at the price of his life. Zin'rohk was also destroyed, but the threat was defeated. With the end of both Uber-Zalazane and Omni'jin, all the Loa were dead.

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