The White Lady and the Blue Child





Goddess of Wisdom







In the beginning of Azeroth, a myriad of natural spirits flocked to and fro, enjoying their newfound existence in the world. Their peace was to be disrupted when the Titans arrived, and commenced the Ordering. Once the Titans moved on, peace settled. However, the malign Old Gods seeded Azeroth, and with their Elemental Lieutenants, crushed the natural gods of Azeroth. The Titans returned to a world engulfed by chaos, and waged a terrible war which resulted in the Old Gods being enslaved.

Many of the Eternal spirits of Azeroth had been destroyed by the Old Gods, but some endured in the form of the trollish Loa, Eternals of all shapes and forms and races. Of these survivors there were those known as the Four Gods. These Four Gods were to be henceforth known as Mnesthes, Muhar, Zinine and Brux to many of the mortal races. They fought against one another and sometimes they fought side by side in an ancient Kalimdor, each commanding civilizations and armies of followers.

The Kelani Edit

The Kelani Empire was a civilization of night elves under their Princess Aszune, who were loyal followers of Zinine in Kalimdor before the Sundering. While Elune was regarded as the embodiment of the White Lady amongst her sisterhood on Azeroth, the Kelani regarded Zinine as the embodiment of the Blue Child. Their worship was to be cut short with intervention from the Dark Troll Empire, loyal to Mnesthes, and envious agents from Queen Azshara's regime.

It was in the War of Kalidar that Princess Aszune and the voice of Zinine incarnate, D'vorjakque, protected Kalidar against its enemies. Ultimately, the Kelani Empire went under, and only gems associated with the ancient divine magi were left to remember that age of history.

After the Sundering, the Azure religion spread to the Eastern Kingdoms and found root in an order that was to be known as the Hareveim. The Hareveim split into factions at times, with a main division lying between the Azure church of Gilneas and the church of Dalaran during the time of the Great War of Lordaeron. After the Great War, the Hareveim were forced into hiding. They resurfaced during the reign of Patrick Ramsey after the Third War, to assist his rise to power. Their Archareveim at the time was Kaisafa.

The Four Gods
Brux  · Mnesthes  · Muhar  · Zinine

Followers of Zinine
Hareveim of Dalaran (Zinizar  · Anazar  · Javali)
Azure Church of Gilneas (Herman Aranas  · Mordred Baldanes [D'vorjakque]  · Parisot de Bracy)
Kelani Empire (Aszune)