Sometimes knowledge must be defended by the sword.

The Zaramim have historically been warriors who fight in Zinine's name and bear the mark of her favour. In practice, this has translated down to the Zaramim being the elite warrior caste of any Zinite organization. The best example of Zaramim in action were those employed by the Hareveim, in particular the Hareveim of Dalaran during the Great War. Enchanted weapons and armour were distributed to chosen soldiers of Dalaran, forging a devoted order of Zaramim to deploy wherever was seen fit.

A battalion of Zaramim was dispatched by Zinizar to aid Andol Corin in the taking of Lordaeron City. Another band accompanied Anazar to Zanzifos, to defend her at the reunification ritual of the Azure churches.
Bluecollar by mabuart-d38dyq4

Female members were not unheard of.

Of this battalion about half accompanied the lady with Xalmor Windrunner to Zul'Dare. These Zaramim followed Anazar to Kul Tiras.

Followers of Zinine
Hareveim of Dalaran (Zinizar  · Anazar  · Javali)
Azure Church of Gilneas (Herman Aranas  · Mordred Baldanes [D'vorjakque]  · Parisot de Bracy)
Kelani Empire (Aszune)

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