The lord of the Malachite Hand, Zamelean was a mysterious assassin who worked against the Azure Church of Gilneas. During the reign of Viktor Greymane, Zamelean obeyed the king and took out their mutual enemies. In exchange, Viktor turned a blind eye to Zamelean and his pagan friends in the Malachite Hand. When Viktor Greymane was captured by General Mordred Baldanes, Zamelean was forced to swear an oath to never raise his blades against the Azures again, to prevent civil war.

To bypass this oath, Zamelean eventually used Richard de Marmont as a living weapon. This came after Viktor's death at the hands of de Marmont, who had been deceived by Parisot de Bracy. Zamelean used Richard de Marmont's lust for vengeance, and led the man straight to de Bracy, whom Richard killed using Viktor's sword, Painbrand.

Thereafter, Zamelean was captured by Lightists under a team led by Magyver McGowan, Warren Greystone and Jammal Hildebrand. Zamelean explained himself and turned Warren Greystone into his next living weapon, intending to teach Warren a way to bypass Mordred's magical resistance to harm. Together, they travelled to Zanzifos and intercepted Warester Van Dam, who was interrogating Louis Oudinot, one of the Malachite Hand assassins. They broke up the interrogation and went on their way.

At the mosque of Zanzifos, General Mordred became the avatar of D'vorjakque. While Zamelean could not attack Mordred due to his oath, he could defend himself from the General's attacks, and thus acted as a distraction. It gave Warren Greystone time to use his Kelani dagger on Mordred, killing him. But by the time Mordred had been felled, so had Zamelean.

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