Fantasy Art Scenery by Wojciech Voytek Nowakowski

In their house at Ythan'alai, dead gods wait dreaming.

Ythan'alai was a vast city in the eastern lands before the Sundering. It was a sacred place as a font of divine power, always forming the capital of the most powerful of the empires of the Four Gods. Whichever of the Four controlled Ythan'alai was sure to be the most powerful while in possession of the city.

To this end it was forever a prize. The Mezejin Imperium fought many wars over it against Mnesthes and his dark trolls. Ultimately, the Sundering ravaged the world, destroying much of Ythan'alai. Xostheron, the lieutenant of Muhar, used his power to shelter much of the city from destruction. Its remaining inhabitants were Mnesthian dark trolls, who thereafter converted to Muharism in gratitude.

Ythan'alai became the capital of Xostheron's new Mezejin Imperium, until Xaxion Drak'eem overthrew him and his ally, Akaerna-Sagai, killing both of them. It served as a site of great magical energy and was hidden away in a forest which grew around it on the island of Zul'Dare.

It became a place of worship for the Esoteric Order. Ythan'alai was destroyed when the golem lord 6664332 that resided within was activated by Kristoff Waite. The Void God took control of it and demolished the city.

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