Yeven Montrose


The Chancellors, Giren









Yeven Montrose was a disciple of Lord Giren and one of the most powerful of the Chancellors.

Though publicly a supporter of Bergan Yezhov, Yeven Montrose's true allegiances within the cabal lay with the ancient leader of the order, Giren. As Giren's eyes and ears and practical hand in daily affairs in the Kingdom of Alterac, Yeven proved to be a deadly player in the grand game at hand. He escaped the Great Purge, orchestrated by Caxagord, and returned with Bergan usurped Caxagord's Premiership and took back control of the realm.

Yeven Montrose was to play his last cards under the guise of Bergan's majordomo, welcoming guests to the banquet in which agents from Ravenholdt had been invited. In truth, the Chancellors only wanted the Fang of Korialastrasz. Yeven, however, was less concerned with such trivialities. The designs of Giren were different from those of Bergan.

Agents from Ravenholdt were to discover Yeven and Giren in contact with a certain Lord Prestor in the labyrinths beneath the palace. This hinted at Yeven's more far reaching aspirations and connections.

Yeven was the instructor of a new generation of Chancellors, being trained as loyalists to Giren and to replace those lost in the Great Purge. These new Chancellors were to be known as the Archerons. During the final hours of the Giren scheme, Travot Ravenholdt, Pierronne Drace, Vord Wallis and their agents broke into the labyrinth and did battle with the Archerons. Yeven attempted to flee and use the Other against the intruders, but the unpredictable creature instead killed Yeven and the pursuing Vord Wallis.