Xaxion Drak'eem is a mysterious figure, rumored to be the source of Phorcys's empowerment. He appeared to Xalmor Windrunner when the elf was granted second life, but it is not certain if Drak'eem was the source of the event itself.

Also rumored to be one crazy-ass motherfucker and a total asshole.

The TruthEdit

When Xalmor Windrunner had entered the city of Ythan'alai Drak'eem reached into his mind and showed him the Truth. Thousands of years ago, before the War of the Ancients, the Viridian Prophet had manipulated the Dark Troll empire into attacking and destroying the Kelani Empire, for it was time for worship of the Four Gods to end. From the ashes of the empires rose figures thirsty for revenge; among them, D'vorjakque and Men'heva, a dark troll. Men'heva vowed to keep paganism alive to spite the gods that destroyed him people; which would derail the lines of history in the process. The troll assumed the identity of the Viridian Prophet, eventually founding the Benefactors and thus keeping paganism alive against despite the efforts of the true prophet; Xaxion Drak'eem himself.

This news devastated Xalmor, who then founded The Malefactors to counteract the work of Men'heva. Xaxion tasked Xalmor and Namor Periandrius with defeating Phorcys.

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