Xanthus Alverold
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Kul Tiras, Phorcys









The firstborn son in the influential and noble Mnesthian Alverold family, Xanthus was well placed and well connected within Boralus. This allowed him to pursue a career in the military and in politics, through which he met Elaine Proudmoore, daughter of Grand Admiral Thaumas Proudmoore. Elaine found Xanthus charming in his simplicity, and the two were soon married.

Thaumas Proudmoore departed for Fenris Isle not long after, leaving a pregnant daughter behind, and her husband, Xanthus, as regent lord of Kul Tiras, much to the dismay of Namor Periandrius. In Thaumas' absence, Xanthus led a naval assault on Janus DeMeza's fleet at Tol Barad, and dispersed it. Namor Perandrius was dismayed at having Xanthus, who he deemed inferior to him, at finding Janus before him. Janus himself escaped the defeat at Tol Barad, however.

News eventually reached Boralus that Thaumas Proudmoore had been killed at Fenris Isle. This left Xanthus Alverold with an immense burden of responsibility over the nation. His unborn child was heir apparent, and to defend that future, he formed a regency council. The regency council consisted of himself and Elaine, Namor Periandrius and the nobles of the land, which included Joachim Alten who was summoned from Balor.

Phorcys soon returned and usurped the council's power, placing Namor Periandrius as his chief representative. A Lightist genocide was enacted, leading to Joachim Alten defecting to save as many civilians as possible, including Cyrus Reethe and his family, and fleeing with them to Sorsbrent. The escape was made possible by the intervention of Scavell, who warded off the couatl which harassed the Lightist district.

Xanthus Alverold continued to serve Phorcys despite the horrors enacted under the demigod's vengeful regime. He eventually found himself at the helm of the defenders of Boralus against a naval assault carried out by Joachim Alten, Janus DeMeza and Katherine Adai. The attackers were betrayed by Leopold von Braent and their assault failed, forcing them to flee inland. Xanthus Alverold then invited Joachim for talks to try and find a peaceful solution to the conflict. Boralus was soon attacked by the Esoteric Order and the Benefactors however.

After the Battle of Boralus, his wife Elaine converted to Lightism. She had given birth to his son, Xanthus Proudmoore. Joachim Alten reacted poorly to the conversion and confronted the regency council. One of Joachim's men, Magnus, killed Xanthus when Xanthus tried to kill Joachim.

Family treeEdit

Thaumas Proudmoore
Iole Proudmoore
Elaine Proudmoore
Sinéad Proudmoore
Brutus Armaggon
Xanthus Alverold
Julius Armaggon
Xanthus Proudmoore

Kul Phorcys
Brutus Armaggon (The Eels)  · Mrs. Proudmoore  · Namor Periandrius  · Phorcys  · Thaumas Proudmoore

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