Xalmor Windrunner
Lotham speed paint by sleepwalks-d3408it
The years, no doubt, have changed me.


The Age of Men'heva


The Malefactors, Xaxion Drak'eem


Malefactor, Viridian Templar






High Elf

Xalmor Windrunner was the Viridian Templar before Sylvanas Windrunner. At some point he led his followers into exodus in Kalimdor. There he converted the centaur to his cause. Over the years, the Malefactors became almost exclusively centaur. Their ancient enemies, the tauren, were imprisoned in a concentration camp in Thousand Needles and their life force was used to feed the lands of Desolace, transforming them into the Theradrian Wildlands. He was hunted there by Sylvanas Windrunner under the orders of Men'heva, as a test to see if she was worthy of the position of Viridian Templar. He was also the target of the half-elf known as Greystone, who sought revenge. Xalmor had murdered her parents, Amarian Zeshuwal and Warren Greystone, after they had refused to join the Malefactors.

From the Chaos comes the Envoy of the Gods

The Malefactor, the Rogue Templar

When the two assassins helped instigate a tauren rebellion, Xalmor put into play his final sanction; Theradras.

He was slain by Sylvanas Windrunner after a climatic final battle.

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