The Wrynn Expedition was the task force from Stormwind sent to Lordaeron to restore stability to the region. It was led by Linus Wrynn and Duke Augustus Fenris. On the way to the north, the fleet captured Balor and massacred most of those who resisted. House Alten was also decimated.

Once in the waters near Kul Tiras, Stormwind sent its fleet to protect Tol Barad and the city of Rhodos. Fighting broke out between the invading Esoteric Order and the defenders of Rhodos and their Stormwind allies. The Benefactors were in turn supporting the Esoterics.

Kariel Winthalus managed to negotiate a ceasefire and then even a temporary alliance with Linus Wrynn. Soldiers from the Wrynn Expedition were sent to assist Winthalus in the Second Battle of Silvermoon. Afterwords, they broke the alliance.

When Wrynn was captured by the Benefactors, Augustus Fenris became acting leader. He was much more moderate and rational than Wrynn. He refused to stop an invasion of Boralus as ordered by the captured Wrynn, securing the city for Stormwind.

The Zul'Dari Islands, under the Maz'asi Federation, became vassals of Stormwind when Viceroy Jenkins mediated the writing of the new nation's charter.

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