Wiglaf Folles
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Maroon Cult of Brux, Maroon High Council


Warlord of the Maroon March




Deceased/Killed by James Sherman at Stratholme



Wiglaf Folles was a sergeant in the Lordaeron army turned rogue, and eventually enlisted as a warlord in the Maroon Cult.

Biography Edit

Wiglaf Folles was the son of a farmer who enlisted in the Lordaeron army and fought against the trolls of Zul'Aman several times throughout his life. He rose trough the ranks until he was expelled for several crimes which were later brought to light during his service. Outcast, Folles resorted to selling his services as a mercenary, and was later picked up by the Maroon Cult of Brux. As a Bruxist, Wiglaf finally found his meaning in life; to worship a god of war through bloodshed.

During the uprising, he was appointed as warlord of the Maroon March, the detachment of warriors sent north to take Stratholme. At his side was Sagan, overlord of the Bruxist gnolls of Strattania. They made a vicious pair, often arguing for the sake of it over how to divide the spoils of war. On their journey north, Wiglaf found a compatriot in Sagan as they raped and murdered, burned and pillaged. Wiglaf only found Sagan's taste for human women amusing, and encouraged Sagan's appetite for their flesh once their uses were expired.

Ultimately, the trail of destruction ended at Stratholme. There, Wiglaf Folles met worthy adversaries in Marshal James Sherman and Lieutenant Borett Pureblood. The siege turned foul when Sherman led a charge out of the city, splintering the Maroon March and resulting in Wiglaf Folles' death after a fierce duel. Sagan soon met a similar fate.

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