TN-Flight of the Doomed

The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost, for none now live who remember it...

The War of Kalidar was the climatic episode in which the Dark Troll Empire of Mnesthes destroyed the Kelani Empire of Kalidar, which worshipped Zinine.


The Highborne federation under Queen Azshara rarely, if ever, met any internal opposition. On one occasion through the race's history, there was one chapter that was to mar the dignity of the Highborne for a thousand years. Princess Aszune heeded the call of Zinine, and with a myriad of similar minded priestesses and followers, she set off northwards and founded the city of Kalidar. Those Kaldorei who inhabited Kalidar called themselves the Kelani. In Kalidar they undertook research of magic and the divine. It was a place of beauty, light, music and lore, hosting Azeroth's most comprehensive libraries. Aszune accepted the guidance of Zinine directly through her lieutenant, the demigod D'vorjakque.

Jealous eyes turned to Kalidar, and Queen Azshara sent agents to weaken Kalidar against its enemies. With her agents at work, Kalidar became increasingly vulnerable, until Mnesthes took his chance and sent his legions under their Viridian Prophet to plunder the city. The war lasted many years, but with Azshara's hands at play, Kalidar buckled, and its ancient libraries were burned and sacked. That jewel of civilization in the north was devastated and any trace of it scattered to the winds. Azshara took the chance to, in turn, strike at the Dark Troll Empire as it rested and feasted after its hard won victory. Her forces decimated the Dark Troll legions, leaving Kalidar an empty and forgotten ruin, not even host to its captors. This blow ended the Kelani Empire and forever ended any chance of the Dark Troll Empire from rising to pose any serious threat to the Highborne.