Varia Wrynn
Girl Power


The Age of Men'heva


Stormwind; Rebels


Rebel leader; Queen in Exile









In the Age of Men’heva, Varia Wrynn was the Queen of Stormwind in Exile and a Rebellion leader.

Age of Men'heva HistoryEdit

Stormwind had long ago fallen under Men’heva’s sway and the Wrynn line was corrupted by turning an ear to the Benefactors. The Benefactors were the power behind the throne for nearly a thousand years. Varia had the misfortune of opening a chamber door at the wrong moment as a child and seeing her father killed by a member of the Benefactors, for reasons unknown but presumably because he defied the will of Men’heva. From that day, she vowed revenge. Her anti-Benefactor and Men’heva views struck fear in the powers that be.

Rather than outright deposing her, the Benefactors sought to remove her through duplicity. Her court was infiltrated by a black dragon in disguise named Nefarian, and his spellwork was used to make her docile… but the fire within her burned too bright, and she could not be cowed. In an effort to stifle her permanently, she was mystically separated into two distinct beings made up of her differing personality traits. Her warrior side was lost at sea and became a gladiator in an underground death-fighting circuit. It was there she earned the name “Akaerna-Sagai,” after the legendary demi-god, for her ferocity. Her diplomatic half was further brainwashed and forced to abdicate the throne in favor of another Benefactor pawn, Bolvar Fordragon. But both Varias resisted, and eventually they were fused back together, stronger than ever. With a new resolve, Varia killed Nefarian and assumed leadership of the rebel forces in the south.

Under suggestion from Jaina Proudmoore, she joined forces with Tyrande Whisperwind’s Night Elves to assault the Grey Gate of Deadwind Pass and distract Men’heva’s forces so that Warester Van Dam, Krasus, and their allies could infiltrate Karazhan and steal access to the Scroll of Lore.

She shared a passionate kiss with Warester before he returned to his proper place in time.

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