Nobody knew who I was before I became a part of the plan!


You're messing with my zen thing, man.

Bridge was an Enchantment found within 6664332, intended to introduce new Wielders to the Core. He was based upon the Urubori named Valenzetti

The first Wielder to enter the Core in thousands of years was Tobijah Kruel, now the Void God. He had influence over the Core's system and later assumed direct control of the golem. Following him were Relfthra, Amarian Zeshuwal, Bobby "Caps" Locke, Korrin, Ianthe Marsh, Jammal Hildebrand, Voldana, Masked Assassin and Kraus Gardham.

Though he had been told from his 'creation' that he was a Soul repurposed, it was discovered that he was an actual Wielder when he emerged alongside Ianthe and her companions in Zul'Dare after the disenchantment of the Core.

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