Daggers by anndr-d3gos5g

I shall be your family now.

A member of the Chancellors at the during the reign of Tendura Xie. She was the matron of Minerva, and an ally and friend of Lord Giren. Loyal to Giren, she obeyed his orders and stole the Tome of Eternity and kidnapped Minerva, leading the girl to Gilneas with a company of Archerons. The plan was to contact Black Dragon agents in Gilneas, allies of Giren. The rendezvous point was empty, however, and Valentina decided to go to Ginchar.

The company was ambushed on the road by assassins of the Azure Church of Gilneas, and Valentina gave Minerva the Tome of Eternity and told her to run. Although it is likely she was killed, her fate is unknown.

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