Valabelle Dampwallace was the beautiful dwarven wife of Bartholomew Dampwallace.

Valabelle grew up in the town of Port Baradin. She fell in loved with Dampwallace when he was on shore for an long period of him, and joined his crew when The Nidhogg finally disembarked.

She was killed by agents of the Collective under the command of the Buffoon when they hijacked the Nidhogg.

Crew of the Nidhogg
Bartholomew Dampwallace  · Valabelle Dampwallace  · Kelda Dampwallace

Antony Moss  · Earl Jorguns  · Harvey Salz  · Hunter Kington
Caitlyn Salz  · Nickalaus Wadsworth  · Quinton Stone  · Maximus Wagner  · Samwise Wagner  · James Nathaniel Sherry

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