Urel Wildhammer

Wild even for a Wildhammer

Urel Wildhammer was a noble in the Wildhammer family. Though he was in line for succession to the position of Thane, it was actually a cousin of his, a member of the Featherbeard family; Kurgen Featherbeard, who became Thane. Urel was glad enough to see that transition, for he had no intentions of becoming leader and enjoyed his solitude. He was a friend of Skirvar Thaurissan and Jaril Bronzebeard, and the trio set out to search for a cure for the sick Highthane.

Their adventures led them from Zul'Aman to Fenris Isle, where Jaril was killed. From there they eventually found allies in Lordaeron, and travelled to Caer Darrow where they met with Kurgen Featherbeard and Relgast Anvilmar. As a united party, they returned to Ironforge to restore the peace in the wake of the Highthane's death. Unfortunately, on the way to the procession in which Relgast would be crowned, traitor Dark Irons sent by Blackhammer murdered Urel Wildhammer in an attempt to get at Relgast. It was the traitor Agor Forgewright who dealt Urel the killing blow.

His relative Amercia Wildhammer became next in line for position of Clan Wildhammer Thane.