A moment of silence passes. Drace then looks up graciously, and takes off his helmet. Golden hair falls across his shoulders - no; her shoulders. Drace is a woman!
"It is true, Xie. I am Samhus Drace, daughter of Helenor of Amanazak. And long have I watched you. Take me, Xie! I know you dream of me as I dream of you; you haunt me Xie! Take me! Take me like an aminal Xie!"

Just then Court Wizard Caxagord walks.
"Drace, you're a women? How could this be?"
"I'm sorry, Caxagord!"
"I know."
"It's okay."

Caxagord turns to Xie.
"It is indeed your duty to go to the meeting Xie. It will be on the Summertide." laughed the man.

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