Alford ponders the situation for a moment. While at first sight an alliance would bring nothing but benefits, the current uncertainty about whose side each ruler is on requires the situation to be more clearly analyzed.

Suddenly, Alford remembers something which could prove to be the solution to this problem. A long forgotten protocol, not called upon since the time of his grandfather and which he had only heard about scarcely during his tutelage. Something each kingdom of man was forced to abide by.

Alford: Court Wizard Thomassy, I want you to send some of your mages to each of the other six kingdoms. Inform their kings or rulers that they are to be present at Fenris Keep seven days from now, and make sure the populace of every kingdom at large knows about it. Make both an announcement in the city square of every capital and a private one to the king.

Sherman: Milord, may I ask what you intend to do? Some of those people probably won't even show up! And why Fenris Keep?

Alford: They have to show up, they are honor bound. When the seven kingdoms were founded and their borders were yet to stabilize, the founding kings realized they needed a place free of violence, where they could gather and make the decisions that would shape the nations as we know them today. To that end, Fenris Keep was built in the middle of Lordamere Lake, bordering Alterac and Lordaeron and close enough to Dalaran and Kul Tiras that the seven kings could consider it neutral territory.

They swore that they and anyone sharing their bloodline would be bound to gather at the Keep should such a meeting be called, and the laws of every kingdom state that if the current ruler does not abide by this rule then he will lose his right to the throne. The Dalarani Council of Six was, likewise, bound to send one of their members to attend the meeting. Which is why I'm sure that the man who recently usurped the Council - Javali, I think he is named - will have to show himself or face revolt among his people.

Thomassy, make your wizards spread the word. The Court of the Seven is going to be held once more.

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