The Amani

"Arghh" Jinthek grubmled Those damm Vilebranch and their obsession with spiders"

"What are we going to do my Warlord they are quite stubborn"

"Well my friend we are gonna tell them the thruth, Send them this message

Mighty Hexx priest of the Vilebranch, Its a petty you refuse to come to a festival that is dedicated to all Loa shadra included of course. But however I understand yor choice. The invitation will still stand and I and the other Chieftants will be pleased that if atleast you sent a representative to the festival.

Also after the festival we will send you the same offerings the attending Chieftants will get.

"Of course mon, I will do it right away"

Jin'thek looked around until he found Ba'jal.

"Ba'jal!!" Jin'thek shouted.

"Yes my Warlord what do you need" Ba'jal shiftly replied.

"If you get any news on the ones that killed those Mosstusks you better tell me, cause we are going to hunt those bastards with the Help of my dear friend Nuvzalg"

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