"My dear friends, first and foremost you must know that I don't do this because of heroism, honor or patriotism. I do it to save myself and more important to prevent a civil war. If the Highthane should die because of poisoning the main subject would be me. I have many followers, but so have other. Dwarves would fight with one another and blood would flow in torrents.

We can't afford that the dwarven unity is fractured. Not now, not with the dire news my spies reported to me. Trouble and discord is brewing in the mightiest human nations and soon there will be war. The war between the pagans and the followers of the light is only the beginning and I fear that soon brother will fight against brother.

And now to answer your question: Why the Amani?

My spies range from the mighty empire of Zul'gurub to the elven lands of Quel'Thalas and it has come to my attention that the forest trolls are splintered. There are many warlords that would like to unite them, and with our help one of them could do it. After that it would be easy to make an agreement: They give us something we wan't and they will gain something they will want.

We gain witchdoctors which help our alchemists and try to heal our king. Even if they can purge the poison from him: He is old and weak. He won't make decisions until he dies, but at least we will stay united. And they will gain something their arch nemesis, the elves used against them: Mithril. We have more than enough of it to equip our soldiers several times.

But most important: We will stand united in war between fanatics. The trolls don't care who their allies worship and I won't allow that one half of our race gets doomed should we choose a site in the conflict."

[EDIT: Added "the elves" after "arch nemesis,"]

[How good/bad was that? I never wrote that much in english, only school stuff and forum posts and I would like to know if I made any critical errors^^]

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