"I shall help you." I inform her calmly. "But there will be a price for my services. [Elven phrase for "quid pro quo" goes here], if you will.

The Archivists are under the protection of the Archbishop. Attacking them will surely make any Lightist nation on the continent make war on me. However, there is a thing you can have your followers do for me before I put them out of business and and give you your information."

I spread out my hand to show the entirety of the land surrounding my beloved city. "The lands of Hesperia are full of cities like this one, each with their own leaders, each with their own customs, each with their own cultures. To fulfill the greatness I envision, there must be unity, but there must also be... fear.

Hareveim are allowed anywhere due to the major Zininean traditions of this land, and what's more, they aren't linked to me yet, as our alliance isn't common knowledge. Send them into the cities, have them blend in, have them lay low..."

I pause for emphasis. "You can not believe how powerful a coordinated war of terror can be in the right hands. With hundreds of talented and deadly wizards right there, where they're needed, things can be made much less difficult. When the conference day comes, and I am in the same table with the ambassadors of the city-states, any who does not leave that room allied to me will feel our wrath.

Do this, Zinizar, and the very same day will be the last moment of the Archivists."

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