After the briefing, the first move was clear.

Myrokos Silentform: Charlie, go home. You're off this assignment.

Charlie the Knife: What?! Why?

Myrokos Silentform: You're not only an agent of Ravenholdt but you're a member of the elite Nightslayers and you're playing cards while you're supposed to be invisible? And you actually drop them? Well I hope the game of Crazy Gnoll was worth it buddy, because you're gone.

Charlie the Knife: Unbelievable!

Myrokos Silentform: Oh yeah? Well guess what, when I get back to Ravenholdt I'm having you booted from the Nightslayers too. You clearly don't deserve to be here.

Charlie the Knife: You can't do that!

Myrokos Silentform: Oh, I can't? How 'bout this then. In addition to the Nightslayer boot, I'm submitting a formal request to have your code name changed from "Charlie the Knife" to "Charlie the F***ing Asshole." You like that? Good. Now get out of here, now!

Flabbergasted, Charlie turned and walked away in shame. Once he was gone, Myrokos could formulate his strategy.

He couldn't help but think this mission was now a sham from the get go. This BJ supposedly did business with his adopted father Krol, but that was impossible. Krol was the greatest hero Myrokos had ever known. The only business he did with Trolls was disposal business. This threw everything into question. This Troll was trying to exploit Ravenholdt and his father's good name. Myrokos was even more adamant about getting the egg and getting it away from these green-skinned aberrations.

Myrokos Silentform: So then, infiltration time. From the Trolls we interrogated, I've got a pretty good idea where we need to go. We stealth in. You stay covered, I'll make contact with this Ba'jal. See what it is exactly he wants. Maybe we can play along with him. If things go wrong, we vanish and return another time for the Egg. Let's move.

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