This was an easy choice for Skirvar. Urel was the better fighter, and Jaril would be needed to heal him if the need would arise.
"Hold out, my friends!"
Skirvar threw a bolt of fire at one of Jaril's attackers, saving the priest from a stab.
Flinging fire franticly Skirvar soon was next to Jaril.
"We need to get to Urel!"
The two fought into Urel's direction, but before they could reach him he got hit by a spear and collapsed.
"Urel, no!"
"One down!" said the spearbearer and lifted his weapon for the coup de gráce. "Say goodbye to your friend!"
Skirvar felt the anger rushing through him, his last bit of power gathering.
With a scream he released the last magic he could muster, creating a pillar of fire which shot into the sky and a shockwave that threw the humans through the air, tossing them aside and into the water. - - - - - - - Jaril protected himself with a shield of light and saw how Skirvar collapsed. He ran to Urel and started to heal him. He had to heal so that they could flee together with the know kneeling Skirvar.
They certainly would have gotten new allies with this turn of events who would help them to flee, but who would be the nearest?

[This update doesn't feel that good, but whatever, it will do^^]

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