Decisions, decisions. In the swirling chaos, Van Dam deftly catalogued the chain of events in his mind.

While grateful for the pirate's help with the two attacking couatls in the air, apparently shortly thereafter they'd followed Caxagord into the fray. Warester would have understood if this was to have a shot at vengeance against Xie or Bergan. Yet through some twist of fate, after their arrival on the scene Caxagord was reduced to a sobbing, whimpering mass of uselessness. He claimed he had the chance to "end it," but he obviously blew it because his prolific brain was too busy creating the next great thought that would boggle the universe.

Then, the confrontation with Phorcys. It was not what he had expected. With power enough to overwhelm even the mysterious Relfthra, he spoke of prophecy and foreseeing all of this. Warester guessed the rumors were true, and that Phorcys did have limited precognition. Emphasis on limited, because if he knew exactly what was going to go down then he wouldn't have let his son set a new pan-Azeroth record for long-distance reverse three-and-a-half somersaults pike dive off a couatl, with bonus points for a gaping dagger wound in his chest.

But was there a climatic battle? No. The pagan abomination simply leapt into the dark waters below, disappearing. Something in Van Dam's heart suspected this was not the end. Was it a coincidence that he leapt into the same waters where his son's body was dropped? Warester knew that Phorcys claimed his own father to be the pagan god of life and death. What strange powers could be brought to bear with such a lineage? And were their more out their like Phorcys?

And what became of Thaumas' wife, the scarred nymph?

Then, Relfthra made him an offer. The fact that an organization as powerful and informed as the one the elf represented even existed without Ravenhold's express knowledge was disconcerting from the beginning. Now, he offered Van Dam honorary membership in said organization. The chance to know everything. The chance to change what needed to be changed. This was an offer Van Dam simply could not refuse.

Warester Van Dam: You've represented your council well. Through you and your actions, I've seen that you are committed to your word. Know that I am the Grand Master of Ravenholdt, and as such the commitment I made to my people is incontrovertible. But I'm also a human being, and therefore I have a natural commitment to mankind. If there's more monsters out there like Phorcys, they need to be stopped. If you'll have me, then I'm in.

Van Dam extended his hand, and Relfthra shook it hardily.

Warester Van Dam: So where do we begin?

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