Having escaped the carnage at Fenris Keep, Eralas and his wounded young friend rode ceaselessly. They simply had to return to the capital - the winds of change had stirred a hornet's nest at best. With the reins back in his hands, Eralas could then do as he willed. He had seen enough.

In the countryside of Hesperian Hillsbrad, news had not yet leaked out of the violence, of the impending great war ahead. For this reason, Eralas met with little trouble. He disguised his identity, taking only a couple of brief rests at inns, nursing the bodyguard who had survived as best he could.

An afternoon arrived where Eralas finally rode in sight of the Thoradin Wall. It was an immense relief, signalling the return home. What was most surprising, however, was the sight of a large Hesperian army camped in the valleys around the Thoradin Wall's entrance; enclosing an army of equal size from Stromgarde. The two forces lay a distance apart, and seemed to have dug in, likely readying for the possibility of violence.

Worried, Eralas realised that this situation needed sorting out. He did not want Stromgarde pulled into the war without a word of his own settling the balance.

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