The morning mist was always refreshing for Jin'thek, indeed few people knew his favorite time of day was actually Dawn. He was indeed in a dire situation he knew he Overlord Nuvazgal despised him but he knew him well he could see that his hate was in fact jealousy, jealousy of his heritage, of his condition of his intelligence.

He wanted to kick the hell out of this so called 'Overlord' ass but he wouldn't start a fight, not now, not when the moment he hoped all his life was upon the horizon.

Heh, I don't need you hospitality my good foe. I just came to bring you some ill news, someone killed the trappers you sent into my territory and before you jump it wasn't me.. they were shot down by arrows. Said in a modest and tone

My trackers are looking right now for the ones responsible I suspect the elves, or I just I want to believe they are the ones responsible and not another tribe

Don't worry I saved yo the work of bring the bodies, I thought you would want to bury them in your lands before the wild animals hate them. Also just in case you killed my messenger or he hasn't arrived yet, you are invited to the Summertide festival in the Shrine of Ula'tek, every chieftan its invited so you don't want to be the odd one.... don't you? Said in a slightly sarcastic voice.

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