The Amani

Surely enough, by invoking the powers within, Jin'thek managed to reach into the spirit realm and call out for Ker'ah, the mystical and special bird gifted to him by the Loa. The bird's awkward habits had labelled him as a 'murraça mu'rashu' by the Amani; one who is "funnily retarded".

Yet there was no greater steed. In a blink of blazing light, the crested bird appeared beside Jin'thek. Mounting the creature, Jin'thek flew down to try and rescue Fenthelan; and found two giant birds of prey hacking at one another. One was clearly Fenthelan; a blue falcon, against the shaggy form of a pale vulture. This strange elf who had attacked Fenthelan seemed to possess druidic powers as well.

It was then that all in the glade realised that several of the elves present had drawn scythes and scimitars, and had begun slaughtering their brethren; Druids of Caer Darrow.

Meanwhile, Sherman cut into the first of the trollish escort, but the berserkers were no idle fools. They quickly crushed two of Sherman's escort. Saldor and his rangers quickly began loosing shots as well.

In no time there was utter confusion; elves slaying elves, trolls and humans battering one another. Amidst it all, Lethon stood still, as if dazed. Then, Sherman caught a figure out of the glimpse of his eye. Lethon was staring down a large, purple skinned troll, wearing heavy robes and a great voodoo mask. Neither moved. It seemed that the troll was afraid to move against the dragon, and the dragon too afraid to move against the troll.

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