Caer Darrow

Lethon only laughed, and it was a laugh which was loud and inhuman, revealing his draconic qualities which his human form were hiding. "Terribly amusing a story, troll."

Fenthelan raised his hand for silence. "Politics are not my business." he said, looking to Lethon. "But the preservation of nature, however, is."

Jin'thek wondered if this elf was truly going to side with him on this matter. It was indeed a risky matter. "The Heart of Aether. What would the Viridians want with it? And this Blood God; well. Perhaps what we need, troll, is a deal. You tell me your name, as I've told you mine. Then we agree that if I do help you, you will do what you agree to do. And what will you agree to do?"

Jin'thek had no answer just yet.

Lethon grunted nearby. "He will go and hunt elves, obviously. Look at him, uncouth barbarian! If there are any otherwordly threats ,the Green Dragonflight will deal with them."

Then a horn sounded. All eyes turned south, and a couple of elves burst into the summit. "A party of human warriors are on their way! They are accompanied by Saldor of Quel'Danil!"

Fenthelan shook his head. "This may prove messy; they may not understand why trolls are here. We will await them peacefully."

Within half an hour that evening, a fully armed war party set foot in the Caer Darrow glade, beholding the runestone.


Marshal Sherman was surprised that there were no signs of battle, and he was even more surprised to find an Amani war party near the runestone of legend... talking.

Their guide, the ragged elf who had led them this far, broke down in tears. "It is as I feared! We have all been betrayed! The Druids have finally sold us out to our enemies! They will give them the Heart of Aether!"

Saldor's eyes widened. "Marshal Sherman." he gasped. "The Heart is a powerful relic; I dare not believe that what our ragged friend here says is true. But I will be damned if I let those trolls trample sacred grounds."


Fenthelan raised his hands for silence, but the rabid elf guide who had led the humans this far burst into a sprint, latched onto him, and tumbled off the side of the cliff with him...

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