Menethil: The Church's Witch Hunters have my complete approval. Their actions are necessary to rid our land of the pagan blight. Their conflicts and petty rivalries over which of their foul gods is better have killed more innocent people than the Inquisition ever will. I mourn the death of the righteous, but your joining of Krowl and his personal band of ruffians is like spitting on their graves.

Haven't I given you enough proof over my rule that I am a good king? Hasn't Lordaeron prospered and grown? You protest the high taxes, but not the army of valiant sons and daughters of our nation that allow you to sleep safe at night that those taxes support. Instead, you join a group of rebels who wish to bring down everything I and my forefathers have built! To crush the spirit of our nation under their heels and twist it into a mockery of what it is!

Never. NEVER!

* The peasant restrained by the guards spits in the King's face, thrashing and spouting his support for Maximus Krowl through mottos the madman clearly branded in their heads. One of the outraged guards punches him in the face, knocking him out.*

Menethil: *cleans his face* Take them to the dungeons. Make sure these betrayers never see the light of the sun again.

* The guards drag the rebels out of the throne room, leaving the king alone with Sherman and the Archbishop.*

Archbishop: *with a slight smile on his face* Thank you, my lord. I'm pleased to see the progress of my Witch Hunters pleases you.

* King Alford turns to face the Archbishop and, in one swift motion, slaps him in the face with the back of his hand. The holy man falls to the ground in an undignified mess of robes and gives a confused look at the king.*

Menethil: I may be fully supportive of your actions in front of my subjects, but make no mistake: that is merely because a king should show no weakness or regret in his choices. Restrain your followers, Marden. You may be the Archbishop of the Holy Light and one of my advisors, but I will not tolerate your fanatics running rampant among my people!

Marshall Sherman, appoint someone trustworthy to oversee the Inquisition and provide me with reports on their actions. Also, gather every information we have available on Maximus Krowl and the People's Front and bring it to me as soon as possible. Go now, the both of you.

Archbishop: *wipes the blood from his mouth and bows to the king with an acid look* As you wish.

Sherman: *smirking and bowing* Yes, my liege.

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