Skirvar hastens into the Highthanes chamber.

"Ah, Skirvar I already awaited ye. Come near, me eyes ain't as good as they used to be." The Highthane starts to cough stong but short.

"I have some good news my lord, but some bad too. We found a new darkiron deposit under Bael'lorn, or the "Northern Redridge Mountains" how the humans call it. This is the first time after the depletion of the local darkrion that we can build new magma channels for our forges. Our alchemists and tinker also have made considerable advancements with the development of a chemical substance they call "blackpowder". It is highly unstable and bursts into stone-crushing flames if it is heated to much, but I am sure that it can be made controllable with the assistance of some Dalarani alchemists. I only need your authorization to send a diplomat to the Wizards."

"Ye may have it. Now, what are these news so terrible that you deem them bad to a dwarf who all but feels the embrace of death?"

"My lord, I spoke with the priests that tend to you and they fear that you are victim of a poison. They say neither the Light nor the paganic priests, or "heretics" how they call them can heal you from it. If you allow it I will take a last measure and personaly go on a diplomatic mission to the troll empire of Zul'Aman and bring on of their Witchdoctors to you."

"If ye think that it is for the best of our people I will allow it..."

*Cough, cough*

After this Skirvar uses a magical portal that leads to a dwarven outpost in the Hinterlands. There he sends a diplomat to Dalaran and starts his journey. On his black war-ram, only equiped with some rations and some ingots of the dwarves' finest metals and flanked by his friends and bodyguards the priest Jaril Bronzebeard and the scout Urel Wildhammer he rides towards the capital of all forest trolls...

[Edited a lil' bit x2]

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