Dalaran , Skirvar

Before I can do more than raise an eyebrow at the Elf's mysterious talk of a prophet, a servant respectfully approaches us. Bowing down, he announces: "Grand Archmage, a dwarf titling himself Thane Skirvar Thaurissan demands to meet you. He said that failure to comply to his demand will result in war."

The spokesman of the elves lets out a frustrated snort. "I doubt he will have anything constructive to say."

I nod hesitantly, not wanting to seem hostile, but do tell the servant to bring the dwarf hither. After he leaves, I turn back to Winthalus and his ilk. "I'm sorry, but I heard you were behind the catastrophic magical... incident. What kind of situation could you have been in to throw your spell into such a bad disarray?"

He flicks a hand and gives a little laugh. "Nothing to worry of, My Lord. Merely an inconvenience of no concern. What truly matters is what I have come here to tell you."

I see the figure of the dwarf closing in on us from the corner of my eye. Yet, I ask the elf: "And what would that be?"

He does not answer, but instead turns toward the dwarf, a spiteful look in his eyes. I turn at him as well, giving him an expectant look.


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