Kul Tiras

"Actually" said Xanthus to Kalabrond "I trust them more than you. If my father-in-law trusted them, and sent you for certain death, they must have been trustable. Now, for that treachery, you have five minutes to get out of my sight. If you do, you'll be fired. If you don't, you'll be dead. Chose your option."
"Sir" interrupted one of the officers "You don't have such an authority."
"You shall see, Thaumas will be grateful to me for dealing with him finally."
(Here I input some time gap for Tim to put a short scene of Kalabrond's choice and its result)

After dealing with Vizier Kalabrond, Xanthus came back to the throne room, with Cyrus by his side.
"Look, I'm not very much of your supporter, but I understand your help might prove useful in coming years. I'm going to give some money to build a great cathedral in Boralus, but... that's not completely free, as you might guess."
"So, what I have to do, Lord Alverold?"
"I need your assistance. Ask the Archbishop - that's the man standing on the top of your hierarchy, if I'm not wrong - to excommunicate Janus and his supporters for dealing with pagans. If Muharists are hiding him, he's dealing with an enemy of the Light. Ask for him to be excommunicated. This way this two-faced hog would lost all of support, of any sides."
"Yes, my Lord... I'll try to do what I can."

(Now before I post third scene, I need to ask you where I can find more info about this sect that held Scroll of Lore, and if Javali no longer wants to summon Zinine's lieutenant)

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