Dalaran , Kul Tiras

(The promised before third part of my update, I'm still waiting for Tim to decide whether Kalabrond decided to stay and die or live and be fired out)

Phorcys entered the mysterious halls of the Hareveim. An odd sight - old Vrykul-looking man between the female-only elite sect. Escorted by several members of the sect, he finally stood before the face of the Archhareveim Zinizar.
"My greatest greetings to you, mighty Zinizar" said Phorcys bowing to her. "I have urgent matters to talk with you."
"May the gods be with you, Mnesthiades. What is it so important that you came here personally? You are no longer head of state of Kul Tiras."
"And that's exactly why had I come here. If I had still been a mortal ruler, I would have nothing to you. But once I ascended to be my father's lieutenant in his realm, I got to know much things hidden before mortal minds."
"So you seek knowledge, Lord Phorcys? Just as we do."
"I do not seek knowledge. I have it. And thanks to my divine father, I know that the Scroll you were trying to use to summon the lieutenant of the Azure goddess have been stolen." Consternation fell between the Zininites who started murmuring. "Your beloved Hesperian leader, Javali, ordered it stolen to satisfy his mortal pride, did he not? He took away your knowledge just to be... ruler."
"What concern is it of yours?"
"Because we are both faithful servants of our gods. And I am the only person that may help you know. With my help, you shall get the Scroll back, while Javali would still think he has it. Meanwhile, we summon your lieutenant, and then, start to summon others. Up to the point, where our gods will come here and take their proper place as rulers of the rotten mankind. Is it not the future you all want?"
"How are you going to do that?"
"Let's just say... when my son and his new dalaranian friend goes to the conference, I switch the scroll with a fake one using my magic. Then, I come with it to you and begin the summoning. Then, the beginning of the end of their order... shall begin."

(I hope I managed to generate a feeling of threat and that none of my plans are against the rules)
EDIT: I heard I messed up things a bit so I put my hope on Tim that he edits that out to how that should be.

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