Dalaran , Skirvar

Just as I am about to make a choice a sharp wave through the arcane fields flashes through all of Dalaran. Every magically inclined person in the city must have felt that.

...and it wasn't coming from the courtyard.

I quickly walk to the location this crisis was supposed to happen in. It is empty, and the wizards who had been guarding the ripple are standing still, dumbstruck. I slap one of them in the head and ask what happened. Getting no answer, I spit in the ground and curse.

After a moment's thinking, I speak loudly enough for them all to hear: "Something must have interrupted the teleportation. Whatever was getting sent here is now somewhere out there. You all felt the ripple out from the city. Form pairs and go search it. In case a demon got here, do not try to kill it alone. Call for back-up."

Finally gaining a grain of adequacy, the magi pair up and leave. I turn around, finding Ulyssan there, seemingly unsure whether I want him to go with the others or not. I size him a little before asking: "Aren't you busy with the task I gave you, powdering scrap metal?"

He blinks his eyes, blushing a little. "Actually, you told me to create a group of five to do it. I didn't know you wanted me to be among those five."

I stare at him. "Are you stupid, Ulyssan?" As he opens his mouth to answer, I burst out laughing.

"I'm having a busy week," I tell him. "Thank you for the entertainment. I really needed a laugh. Come, I need some wine, and company wouldn't hurt me."

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