Kul Tiras

Xanthus quickly dispatched two sacks of gold coin.
"Thank you. Take the first one, sir Cyrus, for you... and your church, if you want. And you, Caldwell, deliever the second one to the person responsible for getting this information out. If I take that two-faced traitor out on my own... I'll be surely rewarded with much more than I gave you."

"Caldwell, we need to get Janus as a most important matter. Without him, his armada would be just a pack of floating wood. Send some couatl in a covert mission to kidnap Janus from Zul'Dare and bring him to Boralus. Once he's gone, we will crush the fleet from above."

"For this shall be... the most important day in my career."

--- Meanwhile, in forests near Dalaran, Thaumas and his retinue have gone on a long delayed hunt. Thaumas was sitting atop his favoured horse, the Bucephalus, while looking at his father, mounted atop some kind of beast from another world.
"What is it father?" asked Thaumas upon seeing anxiety in Phorcys' face.
"I sense magic... even in this very forest. Some... volatile creature hides between those trees, laughing at us."
"Is it... dangerous?"
"No... it's curious. And naive. It might be blessing to get this creature's good attention."
"So let it be..." Thaumas grinned, much to Phorcys dissatisfaction. "Double your efforts, men. We're searching for a magical being. Very volatile. First of all, act calmly."
"You're not intending... to capture it?" asked dissatisfied Phorcys.
"Why not?"

After some search, huntsmen looked as if caught air in their net.
"Sir, we've got something!"
"Invisible... really rare specimen. Let me think...
Tegul nematomas matomas vėl."
Spell casted by Thaumas protruded a sicklish green glow from his staff, and then made the creature visible. It was a beautiful forest nymph, trying to get out of the net. When she saw Thaumas approaching on his horseback, she stopped moving and gazed at him, frightened. He started to carefully examine her green body and leaf-hair.
"Well... to me it looks like the problem of not having a wife is solved. What do you think, father?"
"I think you're getting mad."
"A bit of madness... never hurts anyone."
(OOC: I just hope it doesn't break any rules :p)

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