Dalaran , Kul Tiras

[OOC: We can get an ending which doesn't lead to canon Warcraft in this game, methinks. However, when I fanonise the war into Kerrah-verse, I'll obviously make the ending so that it more or less naturally flows into the situation Lordaeron is in by WC2.

After all, one of the original reasons I thought this war up a year or so ago was "Lordaeron had to become colossally huge in SOME war".]

I smile warmly at the man. "I am afraid I was born a mortal, and immortality has never been a very tempting concept to me. I did study the possibilities at one point, but from what I have seen, none of the options seemed that grand to me."

I stand up and walk to a window. The metropolis outside bristles with activity. I barely manage to avoid bursting into a speech about the people being my true path to immortality. An immortality through history.

"What I am trying to say is, My Lord, that I would stick to mortal means of conquest if possible. That is why I would ally with your son against the Lightist zealots. I am sure our two nations have shared interests..."

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