Dalaran , Kul Tiras

Phorcys opens his lips and speaks. "I have sensed certain fluctuations with the powers granted to me by my patron God and father, Mnesthes. The Azure magics flow within this city, rampant, as if readying for some great future event. I can't help but remember that the Hareveim, your allies, own an object capable of summoning powerful agents of their Goddess into this world..."

I sigh. This can be a problem. I have to think up a way of circumventing it, while not appearing weak or secretive. "I assume your senses must be right, My Lord," I speak, nodding my head and appearing thoughtful. "I did not know about gathering magics, for I do not have a connection with any of the Four Gods myself. However, it is not true that the Azure Sisters possess the power to summon any agent of their deity into this world."

The man opens his mouth to speak but I cut in: "They did, until yesterday. I had the object you mentioned stolen, for I will not have my rule compromised by a religious sect, no matter how useful they might be to me."

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