Dalaran , Kul Tiras

[OOC: Eh, how does a flying monster get to Dalaran? I'd prefer if we finish the chat and then leave the Coatl possibility open for Tim to judge tomorrow.

If that's okay with you:]

I put a grim look on my face. "I agree. In fact, it was mere moments before we first met the day before yesterday that I thought that in the stormy days ahead, it would be best if the nations which refuse to give in to zealotry would bind their forces together against oppression.

In fact, I would suggest we sign an official treaty of alliance. There has to be careful consideration, of course, but it would be best if we had already agreed that there will be some kind of alliance by the time that the Grand Conference is held. The radical Lightists in our north and east may not dare touch us if they see that we will combine our strengths."

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