Dalaran , Kul Tiras

I smile and slide behind her, putting the necklace on. "And you are unlike any woman, at all."

As we embrace, I choose to push my planned meeting with the Tirasians into tomorrow. This evening will be... busy, I predict.

The following day, a little before noon, I walk into another grand room within the citadel. The elder Tirasian, Phorcys, is sitting there, waiting for me. "Excuse me for yester-eve, Lord," I announce. "There was an emergency beyond my control which forced me to cancel our arranged meeting. The situation has been dealt with, several times over."

The man seems more intelligent than his son, the current king, though I do wonder why he insisted on talking with me in person. I would not allow anyone below myself to have a private talk with a foreign leader. Perhaps, I theorise, this is the power behind the throne.

I sit down in a grand chair and put my hands on the table, waiting for him to make the first move.

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