OOC: Hey; just got home. Thanks for the consideration, both of you. Though you are both free to have your character discuss whatever it is you wish. I only meant you can't control Phorcys in the style of godmoding in battle, since he's a pretty powerful pagan spellcaster. It'd be wrong of me to make you wait for the next major update.



It was clear that the matter weighed heavily upon Zinizar's shoulders. Her expression revealed betrayal, bemusement and what might just be relief. Javali observed that perhaps, by stealing the Scroll of Lore, he had lifted a weight off of her shoulders. The responsibility was now his rather than hers.

Despite her anger, she finally looked up to him. Her crimson eyes flared, and she managed a faint smile. "I'll accept, Javali. It is unorthodox, but perhaps, for once, I'll think about myself. For what it's worth, I'd have killed any other man who dared ask such a thing. But you stole the Scroll and had the nerve to propose marriage at the same time. You are unlike any other man I have ever met."

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