Dalaran , Kul Tiras

I dully scratch my head at the man introducing himself and his companion. The Son of Mnesthes? This is interesting...

After he apologises and tells his men to stop whatever they are doing, he asks me my name.

I have rarely in my life had to introduce myself twice to someone. Never before has anyone forgotten my name within five minutes of me stating it. My eyes narrow down as I call out: "I am Javali, Grand-Archmage of Dalaran and a member of the Council of Hesperia." He does not even state his being sorry for making me repeat myself. I walk closer and speak: "I was called here merely to pacify a situation the local authorities had problems with. Luckily we could resolve the situation with words before you could do anything... unforgivable."

I see that the soldiers with him had already moved in and started questioning people at random, breaking items. Nobody is hurt, yet.

"Can I inquire why you have brought military presence within our fair homeland? Normally one asks before doing a thing such as this."

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