Dalaran , Kul Tiras

I lick my lips, uncomfortable with not knowing what is going on, not being in control. This must be what everyone else feels like all the time.

The leader of the guardsmen is the highest-ranking Seashirean present, so I turn to him. "Care you tell me whether you ARE harbouring a foreign rebel in this city?" I do not know his name, but it doesn't matter right now.

The man stutters a bit. "Uh... I- no, sir. Nobody but a few merchant ships have sailed here in weeks from southeast."

I nod to him in approval and turn back to the foreign man. "See? Hesperia does not have a hand in foreign civil wars. If this rebel has somehow sneaked here unbeknown to us, he will be turned in as soon as he is found. I will personally make sure everyone who has arrived in town recently will be double-checked."

Before the man can speak, I give him an inquiring look and ask: "May I know who I am being so generous to?"

[OOC: I double-checked the guard's reply with Timolas.]

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