Skirvar lets out a hearty laugh. "The Benefactors! I wonder why I
hadn't recognised your name earlier, lord Winthalus.
Hearing that you know that my friend in need is the Highthane shows me that it wasn't exaggerated when you said that you made our friend talk. I hope he didn't take any damage?

Urel: "If ye did anything ta him I will..!"

Kariel: "I assure you that he is in good condition. As yet."

"That is good to hear.
You asked what we can give you. You know that we can't risk a war with the non-Benefactor elves, which means that we can't give you military support. But I make you two offers in exchange for our companion, travel as fast as possible to Dalaran, whether magical or not, aid in the healing of our Highthane and the ceasing of hostilities against dwarvish followers of the light.
First: The permission to trade with Ironforge for armaments, at a lowered price, which should be affordable by the wealth of so much elves of higher stands that are gathered under the Benefactors.
And second: The construction of a national Pagan church in the dwarven kingdom with a central temple in Ironforge itself.
What do you say?

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