Kul Tiras

"What? Janus? Here? I can't let him sneak out of here. Do we have enough force to raze this city to the ground? If we do, you shall leave no one alive. And especially search for Janus. If you find him here, bring him alive before me. I'll personally cut his heart out. I can't let those who betray me to run away."

"Seems like my little hunt is for a bit different thing than I suspected... Heh, the destiny's sentences are always surprising."

"But, sire" asked Redpath "We will surely make war upon Dalaran by doing so." "I DON'T CARE!" shouted Thaumas "I want to see the heart of this rat beating out of his chest, just before his very eyes."

(OOC: Wasn't Phorcys son of Mnesthes? I hope he meant his mortal foster father)

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