The Amani

It was a summer night, the wind blowed through the forest trees surrounding the shrine while Gruc'jen informed his Warlord of the news coming from the North. The warlod looked down to the sky for a brief moment and then looked to his advisor.

Its time, send the runners to the other tribes invite their chieftans for the Summertide festival in one week said with a grim voice

All of them my master even the Whiterbark?? Said Gruc'jen with a esceptic tone.

Epecially them Replied

But why I can't.. Gruc'jen tried to finish his speech but was quickly interrupted by the Trollish Warlord

The rumors say there is upheaval among the human and elven lands by seeing who comes we will know which chieftan is smart enough to see the oportunity... also tell the warriors to be prepared for battle if I need them just in case

As you wish mighty Warlord

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