Kul Tiras

To the servant: Put this scum on a very special bed... and flow water into him. Directly into the mouth. Then stop for a moment, and see if he spills the beans. If he's not, flow more and more water. Keep this until he says what we want or until he's dead. If he 'cooperates'... just chop his head off. A quick death I promised.

To Phorcys: I am already sending my armada to Duisburg, to protect it from the traitor. But as you say, I will order my people to mark those words upon all the sails. If it brings us a victory, you have my word, I'll put them in each single weapon in the kingdom I can reach and see.

And you say... we can tame creatures of the sea with those words... Remember those... flying fishes? Couatl, are they called, aren't they?

Shouting with hands raised towards the sky filled with Couatl: Oh, mightly Couatl, I call to thee, come to my aid. Serve my people. Serve Mnesthes. Mnesthes ftang!

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