Still enticed by the massive golems, Alford tries to shift his thougts back to the discussion at hand.

Alford: Archbishop, how many "chosen" do you propose to empower this way?

Archbishop: I considered about 24, milord. They'll be few, but their powers will be unmatched by any mortal man!

Alford: *nodding* I agree. Start picking the men and women you find most fit for this. Unless you have something against it, I think the empowering should be performed during a public ceremony after I return from Fenris Isle.

Archbishop: *triumphant* Of course, good king, of course. We will show the heathens the true splendor of the Holy Light!

Alford: Indeed. *turning to Sherman* Marshal, I'd like to hear your reports on any military movements, both in our kingdom and in the nearby nations, please.

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