At the sight of slaughter of his Leafhill Riders, a vein poped in Viktors Greymane forehead. He grabbed one of the top cobblestone of his massive city wall lying in front of him in a futile attempt to vent his anger.

Viktor: Send 2 archers and order them to shot warning arrows to retreat. Call them back this very instant!!

Jamal: Yes Sir but...the spellcasters...they will most likely kill almost the entire cavalry...

Viktor: Then make haste! Better for a few stand guard over my walls than all of them getting slaughtered for no good reason.

Jammal screams for an attendant and issues the orders. Viktor leaves the balcony and descends through the wall stairs, calling for his advisor.

Viktor: Jammal! How is the Main Gate holding? How much material have the soldiers stacked in it?

Jammal: So this means we´ll be holding the City, my liege? I do believe that a tactical es-

Viktor: Answer me, Jammal.

Jammal: We´re using every piece of non-essential furniture and non-used building material to stack up and fortify the gate. But judging from the sheer number of General Mordred's army and the spellcasters among them, it will most likely not hold for too long

Viktor: I want every remaining forces to finish the defense preparations and have all available archers and gunners by the Wall immediately, they´ll be crucial in the coming days if Ginchar is to persevere.

Jammal: Sir, I can´t stress this enough but I do believe that it should be wise to

Viktor: I´ll be damned if I let my kingdom be taken by a opportunist traitor with delusion of grandeur! Ginchar will hold not matter what, I will hold no matter what, do you hear me Jammal?!


The King of Gilneas turns his back to his trusted advisor gripping Painbrand in front of him, lost in thought and frustration, as part of him knew all along that he and his current forces alone cannot overcome his current predicament.

Viktor:....verify if the tunnels are in good condition enough for safe passage....but don´t think we´ll give Menethil the luxury of patience, we are too leave and the moment we arrive at Fenris Island, i plan to have a talk to him straight away!

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