I hit my fists on the table. "Gentlemen and Ladies. My fellow compatriots. Wizards. Noblemen. Elected officials.

I do not claim I have all the answers. I do not present myself as the solution. I do not want you to throw your symbols of power to my feet as some kind of ritual to solve whatever ails you. What I do know is that we are all in danger and most of us will not survive unless we work together to sail through this tempest.

Any who wish to unite their forces to make our land safe and secure will join me in the creation of the Alliance of Hesperia, which will make the safety of all people of this land its first priority."

I stop for a moment before turning to an archmage to my left. I loudly announce, to make sure that all the hall will hear. "Archmage Augusta. Inform generals Leo and Marius to prepare all of Dalaran's troops and divide them equally between themselves. Leo will march his army southeast and will be joined by the armies of all Alliance members along the way. The armies will move all the way to Tarren Mill, where they will await for further orders. He is to use his consideration to determine whether Alterac's transgressions in the area can be counted as a reasonable causa belli. If they are, he has the freedom to force them into stopping said transgressions.

Marius will take his half west and prepare to make war on the Kirin Mora rebels in the hillside the forests bordering Silverpine. He too, will be joined by all the forces from our allies among the way. Any and all former members and agents of the Kirin Tor will be captured alive if possible so they can be tried here by the Council of Leaders of the Alliance. They will see that by standing in the way of the progress of this nation, they have paved their own road to ruin."

I turn back to address the rulers directly: "I do not oppose my former colleagues because they are Lightists. They did not abandon this city and go hiding to collect rebellious peasants because I have chosen a side in the conflict of religions. I oppose their side because their side includes trying and killing people for what they believe in! Whichever 'side' is harmful to the people and the nation is my enemy...

Whoever is harmful to Hesperia and its people, is OUR ENEMY!"

[I have secretly informed about my troop orders to the army before this speech: 20% of soldiers will actually stay in Dalaran while 80% marches out.]

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